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Half-way through Lent

Yes we are over half-way through Lent already. If you are one of those who "gave up" something for lent I bet you are happy. If you decided that this is the time to start your new exercise program then you have made this a habit that should last a long time, provided you have been faithful to your program.

As difficult as this might seem how would you feel if you knew that at the end of this season you would be hung on a cross? These things take on a new perspective when viewed from Jesus point of view. He was hated for eating and just associating with "sinners" in the eyes of the Pharisees. He should know better than to do those things, right? Do you know anyone like this. In our scripture reading on this fourth Sunday of Lent, Luke 15: 1-3, 15-32, we see these things in the parables that Jesus told.

In each parable we learn of things that were lost and then found again. This is the picture of God's gracious acceptance of those who are "lost". There is the lost sheep and 99 others that are safe, the lost coin and 9 others in the purse, and the final is the prodigal son. In each of these something has been found and a joyous celebration takes place. If any of us has been lost from God and then return to him, God is celebrating. He is extremely happy for each of us to be a part of His family.

We, here at White Pine Community United Methodist Church are happy to each of you as a part of our church family. We are here for services on Sunday mornings at 10:00 and the pastor is in his office on Mondays usually from 1:00 until 6:00. Right now we are holding a bible study from 6:30 until about 7:30 on Monday evenings. Everyone is invited to join in. Come and be a part of our family with God.

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