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Palm Sunday

This is the weekend in which we celebrate the triumphant ride of Jesus into Jerusalem. He knew that he was riding to his death but just the same had the courage from God and his faith that he would be a survivor of that terrible day in the near future.

It is our faith and commitment to God that will get each of us through terrible times in our lives. God never breaks a promise, and he has promised us eternal life through our faith and belief in Him. Our strength comes from God in all that we do in this life, and we need to keep sight of that. It is when we lose that sight that we have real trouble in our lives, and we become frightened of what can hurt us in this world.

This is what happened to a young man who had spent a lot of time with our church and now has gone to be with God. It is understandable that he became frightened and didn't know where to turn. The situation was brought about by people that were evil and working with the devil to turn this young man away from God. The devil lost that fight and we lost this young man, but God has won again. Because we know that God is the ultimate victor, we can rest in peace knowing that this young man is in good hands, the hands of God.

This church will have a special program on Sunday afternoon at 1:00 for all that wish to learn more about the circumstances leading to this tragedy. Everyone in the community and surrounding area are encouraged to attend.

God Bless You All

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